organised into four pillars and two support functions, we thrive to execute impactful projects. We get things done!



— Economic Development

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— Public Health

Led by Prosper Maposa; The public health pillar is interested in health promotion, health education, public health awareness campaigns and health policy advocacy. The pillar has been working well in partners with the EndFund and Higherlife Foundation in projects focusing on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). 


— Education & Development

Led by Kudzai, the Pillar is aimed at human capital development through knowledge transfer. It endeavors to facilitate education in various domains and sectors. The vision of the pillar is to directly contribute to the education and development of our Shapers and the community at large. Currently two projects are running; Shaped Financial Literacy and The Shaper Development project which is to facilitate the continued personal development/empowerment of each member of our hub. 


— Policy and Advocacy

The projects under this pillar are guided by the knowledge that young people are active drivers of change in local communities and deserve to have the space and recognition to participate in translation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals & the African Union Agenda 2063 into local, national and regional policy, in implementation, in monitoring and review and in holding our governments accountable. We recognize that this pillar acts as a support point for all other pillars and we commit to assist with research on policies around the projects submitted under the pillars, publish research and offer recommendations in order to ensure all the projects, particularly those with an advocacy element are guided by facts.


— Media & Marketing function

Led by Rodrick, this team within a team works as support to all projects, events and operations of the hub. As a function, they make sure the hub’s communications to the outside world are in order. They run all electronic and e-based communication channels including social media with the input of other hub members. They also ensure documentation and archiving of events is done properly.


— PR & Partnerships function

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Exceptional young leaders coming together to drive dialogue, action and change.

Meet The Shapers

Chido Cleopatra Mpemba

Curator (2019-2020) 

Chido is highly involved in community and international development , as the Global Shapers Harare Hub Curator (2019-2020). Global Climate Reality Leader (2018) and Mandela Washington Fellow (2016). Chido has 7 years of professional experience in international banking with expertise in compliance, governance and assurance. She is also a social entrepreneur at heart with investments in the domestic tourism and hospitality industry, as the Managing Director at Africa Maison Ltd and co-owner of Retreat Lodge and conference centre in Matopos.

Rutendo Njanji-Chabaya

Rutendo is a Product Manager with over ten years’ experience in client relationship and portfolio management. She was recently applauded for innovating and breaking barriers to lead the launch of a phenomenal universal banking solution, the first in Zimbabwe. She is a motivational speaker with a special focus on mentoring young women, and an aspiring writer. She is also a CIM affiliate. Rutendo is passionate about uplifting the lives of underprivileged women and children and has coordinated several programs to improve the lives of orphans and widows in Mbare, Harare.

Trish Tatenda Hakata

Trish doubles up as the Economic Development Pillar head as well as the Projects Lead for the “Road To Davos Project under the Global Shapers Harare hub. She is a Project Manager who holds a BSC Hons. Degree in Political Science. Trish is the Founder of the GoGetter Movement, Co-Founder Project Director of Campus Community Foundation and the owner of Munchies Mobile Kitchen. She is a passionate organic farmer in Goromonzi. She is the President of Metropolitan Toastmasters. She is a Mandela Mandela Washington Fellow for 2019.

Kudzai Milton Murongazvombo

Nominated as one of Zimbabwe’s 40 under 30 emerging leaders (2016), Kudzai is young mid-exec with extensive experience across several industries and sectors. He holds diverse board and leadership roles in Rotaract, Rotary and the AAUZ. He is passionate about economic development, policy and philanthropy.

Henrica Makulu

Vice Curator (2019-2020)

Henrica is a Young African Leader (YALI) Fellow and Climate Reality Leader who believes in ‘data for development’. She is a Data Analyst by profession who is zealous about tackling the ‘mental-block’ that exists towards mathematics and technology. Henrica is Harare Hub’s 2019 – 2020 Vice Curator.

Wilford Mwanza

Wilford Mwanza is an Electrical Engineer pursuing business applications of robotics and smart energy systems. Among other things Wilford is a past Enactus Global Alumni of the Year and United Nations Unleash Lab Fellow. Wilford is a product of Peterhouse Boys School, holds an Honours in Electrical Engineering and Venture School Executive Certification.

Monica Marionette Tonodzai

Monica is young professional who holds a Bsc Honors In Sociology, Masters in Development Studies and is currently pursuing a Masters in Women Socio Legal Studies. She identifies herself as an African feminist who is passionate about redefining the narrative of Africa especially for women and girls. She is also an aspiring entrepreneur running Ndamuka Creative Designs.

Valentine Nyasha Gondo

Valentine Gondo has six years professional experience as a Business Intelligence Analyst, Fintech Project Manager, Emissions Control Entrepreneur. Currently, he is the Business Intelligence Analyst for Boost Africa Tobacco. He is also a Mandela Washington Fellow 2018, completed at Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, Chicago Illinois.

Rodrick Simba Mazoyo

He is creative writer, self taught citizen journalist and Marketing Management graduate. Rod is the hubs head of Media.

Simba Moyo

Simba is a specialist in social development and social policy. He is passionate about climate action, service to humanity, diplomacy and chess.

Abigail 'Abbey' Ndooka

She is an International Trade and Investment Attorney with a passion for community development and women empowerment.

Chiedza Dziva Juru

Curator 2018-2019

She is a Chartered Accountant by profession and community development agent by passion.

Kudzai Portia Gurure

Kudzai is an IT engineer by profession. She is also an Apolitical Academy Fellow for Southern Africa. She co-authored a book entitled Mind Blower: The Beginning. Kudzai is the pillar head for Education and Development and she is spearheading the Shaped Financial Literacy Project. Kudzai is also a founding member of the Mind Blower Children’s Fund.

Samantha Emberton

Samantha is an accountant with an innate passion for African Jewellery and its rich history. As a firm believer in the preservation of African stories, she uses ethnic jewellery to tell & preserve the African narrative from an African perspective. Samantha is a Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Fellow, and has a keen interest in economic development issues.

John Jahalami Junior Dongo

John Dongo is passionate about Community Development and Human Capacity especially targetted at young people. A volunteer at heart He is the current Country representative of the Human Projects. A Global Ambassador with The Better Tomorrow Movement Organization. And a member of the international Youth Parliament.

Paul Makaya

Vice Curator 2018 – 2019

Paul is a young business man running a Marketing and branding consultancy firm.

Takunda Mtee

Takunda is an alumnus of the prestigious MIT Innovation and Entrepreneurship program. He is passionate about education and tech.

Amazing-Grace Makusha

A Chartered Accountant by profession who is passionate and drawn to causes that focus on marginalised women and developing the girl child. In the Hub’s Governance Committee she is as the Secretary. 

Ropafadzo Gavera

Ropafadzo Alice Gavera is passionate about social research, social policy and child welfare. She is part of the media team of the Harare hub and is a holder of a degree in Social Work.

Prosper Maposa

A pharmacist by profession and passionate public health teacher. He actually heads the hub’s Public health Pillar and has been doing really good.

Tinodaishe Mandebvu

She is a Strategy Associate for a local consulting firm & has a keen interest in the development of African markets, innovation and economic freedom amongst African women and youth. 

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