GS Harare creates Climate Reality Champions


Climate change was named the number one threat to the global economy in the World Economic Forum’s global risk report 2019. Climate change is a phenomenon that has adverse effects which are starting to unravel and humanity is struggling to deal with these effects. All across the world crucial connections are being disrupted as a result of climate change.

Climate Reality Champion Henrica Leading a discussion following the documentary’s screening
All smiles after learning about Climate Reality

The adverse effects of climate change are being witnessed in epic proportions all across the land we all call home, through the drastic change in weather patterns.Climate change is posing a serious threat towards the survival of various plant, animal and insect species, as most ecosystems are struggling to cope with the rise in temperatures.

At this year’s World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, in January, Sir David Attenborough launched ‘Our Planet’, an eight-part original documentary series. Which explores the wonders of the natural world and aims to show citizens around the world the devastating effects of climate change. On 5 April 2019 ‘Our Planet’ launched on Netflix globally, the goal being to host fifty watch parties in fifty countries.

Global Shapers Harare Hub being passionate about the urgent need to preserve the planet played its part by hosting a watch party in a venue offered by The World Bank.

On the 3 rd of April 2019, Global Shapers Harare hub hosted youth from various backgrounds who turned up for the watch party. The Hub’s incoming Vice Curator, Henrica Makulu, who is a climate reality leader, introduced the watch party with a presentation on climate change. Sharing in her presentation facts that we are not aware of about climate change and its effects.

The first installment in the eight-part series gave a general overview of the environmental state of affairs. It highlighted the delicate interdependency that exists between ecosystems, it showed how across the world crucial connections are being disrupted as a result of climate change. The watch party closed with a discussion that was led by Henrica again, with Tino Mandebvu also sharing some insights on the topic.

Tino Leading another discussion during the session
Bubbly youths who attended the Watch Party in Harare

The young people present expressed a myriad of views that had been invoked by the documentary. They were in consensus on the
need for more to be done especially by the youth. They called on each other to not only be talkers but doers as climate change is a reality that needs to be dealt with effectively and immediately. They spoke with one voice on the need to cultivate simple day to day habits that will in turn go a long way in creating a larger impact on the environment. Henrica closed the watch party by encouraging those present to take a pledge to make a change and adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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