The LeaderAcademy Report – Fortunate Mashiri

The LeaderAcademy experience was incredible journey of 4 modules/sessions, 6 weeks apart, from June to November 2018. The modules are made up of lectures, cases, simulation exercises, role-plays and workshops. Domien is a creative teacher, who will use games, illustrations, to get his point through.

He has sponsored this program for free to the Global Shapers from as far back as 2016. He managedto secure the Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel in Sandton for ‘free’, including subsidized accommodation for any Global Shaper willing to take the offer. (‘Free’ because he in fact gets to take the hotel’s Executives through the same LeaderAcademy program, as thanks for them letting us have this as our venue.) During the first session we discussed the power of Human Operating Systems and how to adopt the system of creative interchange within organizations to achieve our goals. We then started getting a feel for what it takes as a leader to change, i.e. redefining our paradigms to align them with current and future objectives and defining what interdependent players have to ‘un-learn’.

During the second session we were to appreciate that we are different. We discussed how to deal with our diversities and the polarities that happen even on an individual level. Understanding and correctly combining people’s strengths is an important part of true leadership. In this session, we learnt about individual preferences, strengths and development needs, and how these influence our leadership personality. This created a greater awareness and understanding of oneself and others. The level of self-awareness the program has opened up has been nothing short of tremendous.

The friendships and connection with fellow Global Shapers in Southern Africa will pave way for Global Shapers in the region to better collaboration and more collective impact. Domien promises that he will be making a call for the 2019 program soon, and I would highly encourage anyone in the Global Shapers to jump at this opportunity. It will change the way yousee…EVERYTHING.
For more information on Domien and the LeaderAcademy, visit his website:

The LeaderAcademy Report
Date: November 2018
Venue: Sandton, South Africa
Shaper Attendee: Fortunate Mashiri

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