By Ropafadzo Alice Gavera

Date: 8 September 2018

Simbisa Brands (ChickenInn)

Rodrick Sharing some motivational words before the canvas painting

The event was a collaboration between Global Shapers Harare Hub & NgunduZW. The idea was that they visit a children’s home and share material stuff, time, love, inspiration and motivation through a fun activity. Canvas painting was the main and fun activity. The motivation behind was to enable these children from underprivileged and vulnerable backgrounds to create at a basic level while being uplifted mentally.

This was also in the interest of Global Shapers engaging the community. The main goal was to tap into and nurture the minds of future achievers through art. Through the process of canvas painting their hopes for the future were to be revived. The entire day was also meant to ascertain that their future was meant to be bright despite of their backgrounds. Epworth, the place were Tariro House of Hope is located, is Zimbabwe’s largest illegal settlement were social vices, poverty, crime and diseases are more common than not. It also has its fair share of good stories and the beautiful balancing rocks, but surely the problems can not be ignored.

Collection of lunch packs. There was the handing over of 70 lunch packs from Simbisa Brands/Innscor through their Fife Avenue outlet Chicken Inn. Global Shapers as a team then left for Epworth, where Tariro House of Hope is located.
10:30 am
Arrival at Tariro House of Hope. The Shapers were warmly welcomed at Tariro House of Hope (THH). Tariro House of Hope is a non-profit charitable organization that provides relief and support to orphans and vulnerable children.. Their mission is to alleviate poverty and suffering among the less privileged by providing relief and support to orphans and vulnerable children.
10:50 am
Introduction and tour of the place. Opening and welcome remarks were given by Rutendo Muswera (Social Worker). She then introduced the children to the Global Shapers. Rodrick Mazoyo (Global Shaper) introduced the Global Shapers team to the THH children. Painting. The children were divided into 2 teams, 1 for those in High school and the other one for the Primary school children. The 2 teams were then given their aprons, canvases, brushes and paint that were provided by NgunduZW. The aim of this activity was to allow children explore external world and discover their own skills and ability. This helped in allowing them to
communicate ideas and messages that would otherwise be impossible to verbalise. Visualising the ideas that the children had created a more personal experience in the children telling their stories, inspirations and aspirations. The 2 teams were assisted by Uncle Runya (NgunduZW, resident artist). In between the painting was singing and dancing, especially the primary school
children who were in the warm hands of Abigail Ndooka, one of the Shapers. The Shapers together with the children painted, chatting, sharing life lessons and motivation. The children were asking questions about the Shapers careers as to what they do, how they got there, what inspired them. This then became a career guidance chat with the children since Global Shapers Harare Hub has a huge pool of people from different works of life to include; Bankers, Lawyers, Marketers, Pharmacists, Entrepreneurs, Social

Tino, Abbey and Rodrick being introduced to the kids

Workers etc.Shapers also got to learn a lot from the children.

12:00 pm
Lunch. Everyone then sat down and had lunch and the Shapers were conversing during lunch with the children.

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Presentation of gifts. The Shapers had brought stationery(pens, rulers and books), girls’ sanitary pads, tissues, snacks. This was presented to the children through Rutendo their Administrator and they were so grateful and happy for the love.
Farewell. There was a vote of thanks and the children sang for the Shapers, thanking them for showing love by visiting and spending time with them. There was also a photoshoot afterwards with the children. The children were left with the paintings so that they will always appreciate and cherish their creativity as well as remember the Shapers. They then bid farewell. A relationship was then built between the Global Shapers Harare Hub and Tariro House of Hope and this will be nurtured with events like this in the future.
2:00 pm
Departure of the Global Shapers team for Harare.

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