ACCA members benefit from Harare hub & HigherLife partnership.

On 10 April 2019, Harare hub executed a superb task in partnership with HigherLife foundation and its sister hub, the Bulawayo hub.

As young leaders of great skills and achievements, the Shapers joined in on a mentorship program that is being run by HigherLife Foundation through a collaborative effort. By invitation, our members pledged to give presentations on given topics to ACCA students & affiliate members of Bulawayo at Holiday Inn Bulawayo. The age range was 26 and about a 100 mentees were in attendance.

Trish delivering to the ACCA members.

Presentations that the Shapers took part in were done in the following format;

1. Professionalism – Chido Mpemba, Global Shapers Harare

2. CV Writing & Interview Skills – Trish Hakata, Global Shaper Harare

3. Personal Branding – Nicola Hove, Global Shapers Bulawayo hub

Trish(Left) and Chido(Right). They stood in for HigherLife and our hub to deliver superb lectures.

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