The return from America – Henrica the new Climate Reality Champion.

By Henrica Makulu (Harare Hub)


Each year WEF sponsors 50 Shapers from all over the world to attend the Climate Reality Leadership Corps.

Henrica(middle row, 2nd from right) together with other International attendees.

This year I was privileged to be selected as one of the three African Shapers who were selected for this particular cohort. Chido Mpemba (Harare Hub) encouraged and assisted me in my application. Initially my Visa was denied but after getting assistance from WEF, our Curator and Partner Relations Head my second attempt was successful. It was my first time traveling out of Africa and I am grateful for the opportunity.


The training was led and conducted by former US Vice President Al Gore who is such an inspirational change-maker and is the founder of Climate Reality Project. He highlighted the effects of climate change including the droughts, floods, fires and increasing pollution the world has been experiencing as a result of climate change. He also proposed solutions and how one can be involved in reducing or even eradicating these adverse effects in whatever field of work or life they are involved in. There was a huge emphasis on the social injustice to less privileged communities as a result of climate change e.g in South America black communities have harmful chemicals dumped in their residential areas and these cause illnesses.

Take aways and next steps:

  • It was an amazing experience to brainstorm with other Shapers from all over the world issues regarding both climate change and hub success. I have a pool of new Shaper friends
  • Climate Action: I have committed to training the Harare Hub and sharing the knowledge I gained as well as giving practical ways our hub can be involved in climate action. I will also assist whoever would like to attend future Climate Reality Conferences with their application and Visa processes. I will practice climate smart personal decisions in my everyday life e.g reusing water bottles

March 2019.

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  1. This is quite informative. It is a good reminder that even small changes in routine can make a difference. Thank you for the eye opening article.

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