Because only together we can

The power of youth in action

The Global Shapers Community is a network of young people driving dialogue, action and change.



We facilitate dialogue on critical, futuristic and sometimes even mystical issues to initiate developmental processes. An example of many of those initiatives is the meeting we had with the then Mayor of Harare City, H.W Ben Manyenyeni on smart cities in the year 2018.


— We facilitate dialogue

Through events such as the annual town-hall, we facilitate the dialogue between marginalized goups such as youth and government through its ministries and in the case of 2018, the President himself. 


—We Educate

Shapers are people of skills.We have pharmacists, bankers, creatives to mention but a few. We then design precise and very educative material that we share on several platforms and through various programs.


— We influence policy

Through our interaction with public and private authorities both on private and public forum, we always push for progressive policy alterations. The #OpenAfrica initiative is one of the drives we are currently running with.


— We share vital information

Talk of outbreaks such Cholera, Cancer facts, Financial literacy, disaster handling and many more issues, through our various busy platforms, we share important information on these. We pride ourselves in being a source of helpful material in the community.


— We Collaborate

We are a composition of high achievers. We sometimes join in on other organisations’ programs to get things done. We are always of service to community. Higher Life Foundation, Ministry of Youth & Sport and NgunduZW are a few of the entities we have worked with in executing impactful community projects.


What’s the relationship between the Global Shapers
Community and World Economic Forum?

We’re part of the World Economic Forum family, but operate as an
independent organization. Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and
Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, created the Global
Shapers Community in 2011. He wanted to demonstrate to the world
that young people are central to solution building, policy-making and
lasting change.
Professor Schwab and the Forum continue to make significant financial
and in-kind contributions to the network and our day-to-day operations
including access to tools like TopLink, staff and office space.
To ensure the voice of young people is always heard, the Forum also
provides Shapers with unique opportunities to interact and collaborate
with heads of states, CEOs and philanthropic leaders.

What do I need to become a Shaper? How can I apply?

You need three things – to be in young, have amazing
achievements and are committed to working with your peers to improve
your community.
Go to If you like what you see, apply to Harare hub. We are listed there and you may search us by name.